[Nut-upsdev] Re: success report with megatec and Belkin F6H650UkUNV

Andy Juniper ajuniper at freeuk.com
Fri Apr 27 08:30:15 UTC 2007

Hi Arnaud,

Thanks for that info. I'll probably wait until the megatec_usb is in a 
stable build before giving it a try!

The UPS came with some Linux software from Belkin which works OK (it's 
email facility doesn't work and leaves zombie processes around), if you 
are interested I can get strace's of it running to investigate the 
commands it is sending and the responses it receives.


Arnaud QUETTE wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> I've forwarded your info to the development list, and Carlos Rodrigues 
> (the
> megatec driver author and maintainer.
> As a side note, there is a megatec_usb driver underway. You might
> want to give it a try.
> @Carlos: I let you update the drivers.list.
> Thanks for your report,
> Arnaud Quette

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