[Nut-upsdev] Driver for Cyberpower PR2200

Doug Reynolds mav at wastegate.net
Fri Apr 27 20:02:39 UTC 2007

Russ Romano wrote:

> Can you elaborate on this a little?  Are you saying that the temperature
> reported by the UPS is not the temperature displayed in powerpanel?
> This might explain the offsets between the values reported in the OEM
> linux software and what the existing powerpanel driver reported for
> charge, temp, etc.

I think you are on the right path...

The text based powerpanel protocol has a power factor.  You multiply the power factor by the number returned from the ups to get the wattage.  (at least, the wattage the UPS thinks it is.  I had a 60 watt light bulb on my ups, and it reported 21 watts.  After looking at the code in for the binary driver, it has a table that compares reading (from the ups) and outputs another.  

I am not sure if the author was trying to correct ups reported values to the actual values, or if the binary ups outputs weird readings..  It is good that Arjen can decode some of the output you capture.  :)

> As Doug noted... This doesn't help.  I captured this data on a laptop
> and it wasn't plugged into the UPS.  Unfortunately, powerpanel doesn't
> have an option to control the UPS, but not be dependent on it, so it
> forces the machine to shut down... and it takes portmon with it.  That's
> why I logged to a file, hoping to get that final communication from the
> PC to the UPS that says, "I'm shutting down now, and you should shut
> down after x seconds".  Not sure how complete the log file was in this
> regard.

My only recourse was to cancel the Windows hibernation that the software forced my computer to go into.  I'm not sure if you would be able to do that on your system.

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