[Nut-upsdev] "ups.status" -> "ups.alarm"

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Tue Aug 7 09:10:45 UTC 2007

The list of status bits we're seeing has increased over the years.
Currently for instance, the usbhid-ups driver has defined no less than 20
status bits (and I intend to add two more in the next couple of days,

#define STATUS_ONLINE           0x00001  /* on line */
#define STATUS_DISCHRG          0x00002  /* discharging */
#define STATUS_CHRG             0x00004  /* charging */
#define STATUS_LOWBATT		0x00008  /* low battery */
#define STATUS_OVERLOAD		0x00010  /* overload */
#define STATUS_REPLACEBATT	0x00020  /* replace battery */
#define STATUS_SHUTDOWNIMM	0x00040  /* shutdown imminent */
#define STATUS_TRIM		0x00080  /* SmartTrim */
#define STATUS_BOOST		0x00100  /* SmartBoost */
#define STATUS_BYPASS		0x00200  /* on bypass */
#define STATUS_OFF		0x00400  /* ups is off */
#define STATUS_CAL 		0x00800  /* calibration */
#define STATUS_OVERHEAT         0x01000 /* overheat; Belkin, TrippLite */
#define STATUS_COMMFAULT        0x02000 /* UPS fault; Belkin, TrippLite */
#define STATUS_DEPLETED         0x04000 /* battery depleted; Belkin */
#define STATUS_TIMELIMITEXP     0x08000 /* time limit expired; APC */
#define STATUS_BATTERYPRES      0x10000 /* battery present; APC */
#define STATUS_FULLYCHARGED     0x20000 /* battery full; CyberPower */
#define STATUS_AWAITINGPOWER    0x40000 /* awaiting power; Belkin,
TrippLite */
#define STATUS_VRANGE           0x80000 /* voltage out of range; TrippLite */

I think that quite a few of the above deserve to be put in "ups.alarm",
since they do not require *immediate* action from clients, but rather from
an operator. For instance, it is certainly worthwhile that a battery needs
replacement, but as long as the UPS is providing power, clients probably
don't care about that (or can do something about that). The same probably
should reverse the logic here, so that we don't raise an alarm on systems
that don't support this flag), AWAITINGPOWER, VRANGE, FRANGE and FANFAIL.

Any thoughts?

Best regards, Arjen

PS  I will add the alarm_* functions to usbhid-ups later this week.
Eindhoven - The Netherlands
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