[Nut-upsdev] bcmxcp - patch for power cycling individual outlets/load segments

Oliver Wilcock oliver at owch.ca
Tue Jul 10 00:30:53 UTC 2007

> Had some plans to implement this, but my plan was to read the standard ID
> block, and check that the ups had some outlet block.
> If it had the outlet block I would read the outlet monitoring block (cmd
> 0x41).
> In that way it would only be enabled on ups'es with load block's.

I figured that if a person has the UPS in their physical possession then
they know how many load segments it has.  The wider NUT framework isn't
going to make use of it anyway, is it?

> Also get some more from the extended limits block to set up the values for
> the horn status, voltage, temp alarm, voltage high and low, settings and
> then
> use the config command to make it possible to alter some settings in the
> ups.
> The problem is the time and a ups with load block's.
> If you have time and would like to contribute to make a better driver, I
> can
> give you some more info.

The problem is the time...  You will note that it took me until today to
send this in - I made it work in April.  At which time someone told me a
more useful way to do a diff.  I'm sick today (but mostly recovered) which
helped me find the time.

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