[Nut-upsdev] energizerups == megatec_usb -x subdriver=agiler?

Viktor T. Toth vttoth at vttoth.com
Fri Jun 22 12:33:51 UTC 2007

I'm indeed using the energizerups driver for the time being, and there may
be a few other users, too, as I did receive occasional e-mails.

Unfortunately, several years ago Energizer completely changed the innards of
their UPSs (while keeping model numbers the same) so the driver is only
compatible with older models.

Under these circumstances, it's just not worth my time to try and fix
something that's not even broken, just, hmmm, less elegant than it should
be, and lacks support for that (presumably tiny) cross-section of users who
are using NUT on a non-Linux platform with older Energizer UPS hardware.

Besides, I don't have a spare UPS available for testing anyway. (Before you
tell me to ask Energizer, the only time I sent them a support question in
e-mail, it remained unanswered.)


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2007/6/22, Arjen de Korte <arjen at de-korte.org>:
> Looking for ioctl() calls in the drivers, I noticed that the
> energizerups.c code looks a lot like a megatec protocol over a USB
> connection. It uses 8 bytes per packet, which makes it look like the
> agiler subdriver in megatec_usb. Do we know if there are people that use
> this driver now and that might be able to verify this?

apart from Viktor (energizerups author), I don't know.
but there might not be that many out there.

a call to test on the user list might help, but Viktor's point of view
and test should help...
that would be really nice since energizerups is the last one using
hiddev (so Linux only USB), and I initiated talks with Viktor about
that some time ago.

-- Arnaud

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