[Nut-upsdev] energizerups == megatec_usb -x subdriver=agiler?

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 19:00:03 UTC 2007

Hi Viktor,

thanks for your answer.

can you forward the test request to your various contact?
one may have time, available unit and motivation to do so.
as a side note, the removal of energizerups to the profit of
megatec_usb would help us in cleaning the tree and deps, along with
adding a maintainer redundancy. And these points are parts of our
Quality Assurance effort underway...

Arjen: you should so also call for test on upsuser, mentioning the old
and new style things to try to get more info...

2007/6/22, Viktor T. Toth <vttoth at vttoth.com>:
> As I explained, I do not have a test "old-style" Energizer UPS.
> Unfortunately, testing on a live system is not something I have any desire
> to do. I hope you understand.
> Viktor
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> Subject: Re: [Nut-upsdev] energizerups == megatec_usb -x subdriver=agiler?
> > Under these circumstances, it's just not worth my time to try and fix
> > something that's not even broken, just, hmmm, less elegant than it should
> > be, and lacks support for that (presumably tiny) cross-section of users
> > who are using NUT on a non-Linux platform with older Energizer UPS
> > hardware.
> We don't ask you to fix something, just to check if the megatec_usb driver
> can do the same job as the energizerups is doing right now.
> Best regards, Arjen
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