[Nut-upsdev] Changes to usbhid-ups driver

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Wed Sep 5 06:58:42 UTC 2007


>> Are these in HIDDumpTree maybe? It's a real simple addition to the
>> subdriver (see r1087) and having the actual productname instead of just
>> 'unknown' would be nice.
> I'm unable to compile r1088. I get lots of undefined references in
> libhid.c, see below. It seems that the global variables pDesc and
> reportbuf are declared in libhid.h, but not defined.

That is weird, they are indeed declared in libhid.h:

85 	extern HIDDesc_t        *pDesc; /* parsed Report Descriptor */
95 	extern reportbuf_t      *reportbuf;     /* buffer for most recent
reports */

But the definition is in usbhid-ups.c, so that should be resolved at link

98 	/* global variables */
99 	HIDDesc_t       *pDesc = NULL;          /* parsed Report Descriptor */
100 	reportbuf_t     *reportbuf = NULL;      /* buffer for most recent
reports */

Why your linker (assume that is complaining) fails to see these, is beyond

Best regards, Arjen

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