[Nut-upsdev] Krauler UP-D1200VA

Vamp admin at vampik.ru
Wed Sep 5 15:33:26 UTC 2007

Hello. I have this UPS:
Krauler UP-D1200VA
Megatec USB protocol
Vendor ID: 0x0001, Device ID: 0x0000
#220.0 004 23.50 50.0

Currently I have nut 2.2.0 installed from sources. Installation was
successful except that I had to change a string in 52-nut-usbups.rules from:
SUBSYSTEM!="usb_device", GOTO="nut-usbups_rules_end"
SUBSYSTEM!="usb*", GOTO="nut-usbups_rules_end"
to make hotplugging work on my Gentoo 2007.0, kernel and default
Gentoo udev rules.

There are 3 issues.

1. Battery charge. I attach a patch to the latest svn revision that adds
information for my Krauler's battery. The battery charge reported by nut 
be almost the same as reported by UPSilon2000 for Windows software, thx to
USB SnoopyPro. I had to change "int nominal" to "float nominal" because the
nominal battery voltage is 23.5.

2. The worst thing is the ups status flags. Here is the table:
Flags: 00001010; Real Status: normal; UPSilon2000: normal; NUT: load off
Flags: 10001010; Real Status: battery test; UPSilon2000: battery; NUT: load
Flags: 10001010; Real Status: battery; UPSilon2000: battery; NUT: load off
Flags: 11001000; Real Status: low battery; UPSilon2000: low battery; NUT:
low battery
Flags: 10001000; Real Status: load off; UPSilon2000: battery; NUT: battery
FL_BEEPER_ON is not used - always 0. FL_BATT_TEST is not used - always 0.
Can't check under- and overvoltage.

example status msgs:
(223.0 165.0 223.0 000 50.0 26.1 00.0 00001010 - normal
(223.0 165.0 226.0 000 50.0 25.0 00.0 10001010 - battery test
(000.0 165.0 225.0 020 50.0 24.3 00.0 10001010 - battery
(000.0 165.0 225.0 020 50.0 22.1 00.0 11001000 - battery low
(000.0 165.0 224.0 040 50.0 23.0 00.0 10001000 - load off

The main problem is the unexpected behaviour of FL_LOAD_OFF flag. It's 1 in
normal and battery modes and 0 in battery low and load off modes. It seems
that UPSilon2000 just ignores this flag because it displays "On Battery"
status when the UPS turns load off.

This problem needs to be fixed.

3. Commands.
shutdown.return, shutdown.stayoff, load.off, reset.watchdog doesn't work.
Reason is the driver error: set_data_krauler: output string too large
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