[Nut-upsdev] microdowell BP-100

Valkai Elod elod-nut at temes.ro
Fri Feb 1 19:52:34 UTC 2008

I'd like to share some of my experience with this UPS. I've compiled nut
from the Debian sid sources.
Version is 2.2.1. I'm using the powerpanel driver.

It seems shutdown.return does in fact what shutdown.return should do.
I'll just copy&paste some of my notes made yesterday:

Commands were issued as follows: "upscmd -u admin -p admin
bbox at localhost shutdown.reboot".

Shutdown tests:

    shutdown.reboot (tested with S01R0001)
            - poweroff after 1min
            - does not restart load
            - restarts load immediately on OL
            - poweroff after 1min
            - restarts load immediately (if OL)

            - no effect
            - no effect

            - poweroff after 1min
            - stays off even if power returns (OL)
            - have to cycle from button to restart load
            - poweroff after 1min
            - stays off, but powers on immediately if power is cut &

S01 - 1 minute
S02 - 2 minutes

R0001 - restart immediately
R0002 - restart immediately?!
R0003 - restart after 1min
R0005 - restart after 3min
R0007 - restart after 6min
R0010 - restart after 9min
R0015 - restart after 14min

I also tested with R0015 and without plugging it in. After some
14minutes the UPS beeps (timeout expires)
but nothing happens. On returning power, it starts the load immediately.

I tested again with R0005. After the load was cut off, I pulled the
plug. After 3min 30secs (it restarts after
3min sharp if OL) I plugged it back in, nothing happened. After some 25
secs, the load was started.

Valkai Elod
Network Administrator
RC TEAM SA, Timisoara, Romania

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