[Nut-upsdev] problems reviving and old ups-driver

uwe nut at df3du.mine.nu
Fri Jan 4 17:42:39 UTC 2008

Charles Lepple schrieb:
> The drivers/Makefile.am file lists all of the source files that need
> to be considered for compiling and dependency checking.
> Since hp.c is a serial driver, just check for the "serial drivers'
> comment and add a line like the following:
> hp_SOURCES = hp.c
> If it uses any math library functions, there are several examples
> showing how to add "-lm" to the LD flags.
> Eventually, you will want to add it to the SERIAL_DRIVERLIST variable
> so that it is built automatically.
> In order to automatically pick up any changes to Makefile.am or the
> other build files, you probably want to pass
> "--enable-maintainer-mode" to ./configure as well as the
> "--with-drivers=hp" flag. You will need recent versions of autoconf
> and automake.
> Thanks for taking the time to update this driver! Email the list if
> you have any other questions.
Thanks for the hints, Charles - that did the job. 
I did the necessary changes to the drivers and it appears to work fine.
However during my testing I discovered that I need to replace my UPS'
batteries (haven't checked them in a while).
So I have to wait for the replacement batteries to get here before I can
commence testing.
I will need to know, how to submit the driver and what my commitment
would be.

I'll keep you posted. The hp.c driver should work (at least rudimentary)
for a number of older HP ups:

Powertrust models (very old)

Powertrust II LR (old)

Powertrust II MR (old)

All these older units can be used with the upsmond on hp-ux, which has
very limited capabilities, similar to the hp.c driver (basically notify
of a power failure/power return and allow a clean shutdown  after a
configurable time).


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