[Nut-upsdev] MAINTAINERS

Kjell Claesson kjell.claesson at epost.tidanet.se
Sat Jan 5 23:36:46 UTC 2008

Den Saturday 05 January 2008 20.47.03 skrev Arjen de Korte:
> >> I know this has lead to frustration in the past when people tried to
> >> contact some of these people and got no response whatsoever. Would it be
> >> appropriate to contact these people and ask if they still want to be
> >> listed there? And if we don't hear from them, just remove them from this
> >> file?
> >
> > Instead of removing them, why not have a "previous maintainers" section?
> This doesn't make sense. As the header states:
>      "This file is intended to help patch contributors route their changes
>       to the right people."
> So you're either volunteering to maintain something (and then you should
> be listed here, so that people can contact you) or you don't (and then one
> should be removed from it). The AUTHORS file is there to keep track of the
> authors, in addition to the header of source files.

Yes I think Arjen is right about that. MAINTAINERS should only contain
active maintainers. This justify the use of two files Authors and Maintainer.

I'm not in the Maintainer file, even if I maintain the bcmxcp driver.
Don't feel that I am so productive at the moment.


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