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Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 14:13:27 UTC 2009

2009/12/28 Arjen de Korte:
> Citeren Марк Коренберг:
>> My UPS Powercom WOW-1000U does greatly work with NUT, but not
>> auto-cofigurable...
> It requires the user to specify some model specific variables that can't be
> auto detected since the underlying serial protocol doesn't support that. So
> in essence what you're asking, can't be done (which you found out already).
>> This UPS is not usb-hid ups, and works well with this settings in NUT:
>> [powercom]
>>    desc = "powercom"
>>    driver = powercom
>>    port =
>> "/dev/serial/by-id/usb-POWERCOM_CO.__LTD._USB_to_Serial-if00-port0"
>>    type = IMP
>> lsusb -v fragment attached.
>> Unlike other UPSes, gnome-power-manager does not see this device
>> (after installing nut-hal-drivers in Ubuntu), and /dev/ttyUSB0 having
>> group "dialout" (not "nut"). I'm not guru of devkit/hal/udev
>> "rules.d" rules and other stuff, so, can you patch original
>> device-kit-power rules?
> Unless you can find someone willing to integrate the existing USB to serial
> implentation in the 'powercom' driver, the only thing HAL can (and
> apparently will) do is adding a USB to serial device node on your system.
> Given the remark above, I don't think it is worthwile to spend the time on
> that.

just stating the obvious: the previous (and preliminary) HAL support
in NUT will soon be declared obsolete.
This was "limited" to USB UPS only
The new way is to either have a USB/HID compliant UPS, which can
automagically work with DeviceKit-power (UPower) and GPM, or NUT ; or
otherwise to use NUT.

I've no plan to port my nut-hal-drivers work to UPower, and there
doesn't seem to be much interest out there to do so.

For the auto configuration in NUT, I will post some news soon on the
NUT Control Center progress.
This app (and its set of tools) will greatly improve the configuration
mess in NUT.

As a side note, making NUT UPower compatible is roughly limited to
exposing data on DBus (org.freedesktop.DeviceKit.Power.Device or

>> Or, please answer what to read and where i should make changes. I can
>> send you a patch, if this device will work on my PC.
>> To NUT maintainer. Please add descriptions of  Powercom WOW-UPSes
>> ("WOW-500 U", "WOW-700 U", "WOW-850 U", "WOW-1000 U") to
>> /usr/share/nut/driver.list
>> "Powercom" "WOW-xxx U" "" "powercom".
> I will do that. Note that there is a newer generation of PowerCOM devices
> that is about to hit the market that uses the HID PDC protocol and therefor
> is supported through the 'usbhid-ups' driver (only development version so
> far).

and DeviceKit-power / UPower (so GPM) too...
though you might need to update the matching file.

>> Also, all WOW-UPSes work with type=IMP and does not work without
>> specifying type.
> QED...

thanks Arjen for your actions there.

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