[Nut-upsdev] Mustek PowerMust 848

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Tue Jan 20 17:37:22 UTC 2009

Citeren Marian Ciobanu <ciobi at inbox.com>:

> Arjen, I did look at blazer's man before my first post, but my question
> was not really answered there. Since this UPS got supported so recently,
> and no Mustek appears in the man page, it seems possible to me that MAYBE
> it would report the charge status, if asked nicely. Perhaps there's some
> code that can be added to do this, some new commands. I wanted to look at
> this, but before wasting my time getting familiar with the code only to
> find out that reading the charge was not possible, I wanted to check if
> you are quite confident that all the information that can be sent by
> the UPS is actually passed on by uspc, and the only way to get some
> idea about charge status is to look at the voltage. (As for setting
> battery.voltage.high and battery.voltage.low to have the driver guess the
> charge - I got that. I just wonder if the claim that "no UPSs compatible
> with the blazer driver can ever possibly report charge or currents" is
> really true. From your answer, it seems true; but I had to check.)

Although the 'blazer' driver is able to talk to your UPS, I have no  
information on it. You may be right that the UPS is able to report  
this information, but if the vendor isn't telling us how, there is no  
way the driver can ever get to it. So I honestly don't know. Maybe the  
UPS is able to tell this, maybe (and more likely) not. The fact that  
the Windows software is reporting a value close to 100% (but not  
exactly) is usually a sign that it is voltage based (the same you  
would get in the blazer driver now if you fill in battery.voltage.high  
and battery.voltage.low). Unfortunately, the reverse isn't true. If it  
mentions a charge of 100%, it can still be voltage based.


> Well, I started upsd in debug mode and here's what I saw: when KNutClient
> is not running the output is mostly "mainloop: polling 2 filedescriptors"
> and "mainloop: no data available", with some Ping/Pong messages. When
> KNutClient is running, there are "mainloop: polling 3 filedescriptors",
> "mainloop: no data available" and Ping/Pong messages, and then
> "write: [destfd=6] [len=35] [VAR mustek battery.voltage "13.70"]" and
> similar messages. Once KNutClient is stopped, millions of
> "mainloop: polling 3 filedescriptors" are generated and after a minute
> there's a "Disconnect from", followed by messages like the ones
> before starting KNutClient ("mainloop: polling 2 filedescriptors" +
> "mainloop: no data available" + some Ping/Pong messages.)
> It looks like KNutClient forgot to disconnect. Or maybe I messed up
> something.

Try the latest version from the trunk. It indeed looks like KNutClient  
forgot to disconnect, so this version will now force disconnect the  
client if it appears to have data available, but doesn't respond when  
we ask for it. This should probably solve this problem.

Best regards, Arjen
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