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Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 13:47:35 UTC 2009

On Jul 29, 2009, at 8:39 AM, Arnaud Quette wrote:

> btw, we will need 2 targets here:
> - 1 for the documentation that will be shipped as part of the  
> packages (HTML and optionally PDF),
> - 1 for the website (ie the website specific part, including the  
> homepage/news ; and the doc with a suitable layout for integrating  
> to the website). The tricky part there is that I would like to have  
> a separate file for the news, then included in the homepage.txt. so  
> that we could then use the news.txt to serve an rss feed...

OK. I'll make two separate steps so that we can see at a glance if  
something breaks.

> on that website side, we can start setting up the toolchain.
> what I've in mind ATM is that you use your local buildbot to  
> regenerate the dynamic part of the website, and an automated rsync  
> on the Eaton webserver will pull these changes...

Sounds good.

Right now, our Buildbot configuration doesn't distinguish between  
trunk and branches, so there are broken links to non-existent  
documentation after trunk builds. I'll deal with that later.

In theory, this link should point to the latest generated documentation:


- Charles

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