[Nut-upsdev] [nut-commits] svn commit r2669 - in branches/AsciiDoc: . m4

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Fri Nov 5 07:57:08 UTC 2010

Citeren Charles Lepple <clepple op gmail.com>:

>> Log:
>> Add checking minimum required version for AsciiDoc tools
> I noticed that somewhere around this commit, the documentation  
> stopped being built by default in BuildBot.
> Before I go digging too far, should I just add "--with-doc=auto" to  
> the configure parameters, or should that eventually be included in  
> the "--with-all=auto" settings?

We already have '--with-doc=auto' on the configure commandline, so  
this isn't needed. Howevere, there seems to be a problem interpreting  
the versions returned by the AsciiDoc tools (from the r2672  
Debian-etch build, similar for the other buildbots):

> checking for asciidoc... /usr/local/bin/asciidoc
> checking for asciiDoc version (8.6.3 minimum required)... asciidoc  
> 8.6.3 found

Here it works as expected. Even though the version string we're  
comparing against is 'asciidoc 8.6.3', the AX_COMPARE_VERSION macro  
seems to understand it should skip the initial non-numerals.

> checking for a2x... /usr/local/bin/a2x
> checking for a2x version (8.6.1 minimum required)... a2x 8.6.1 is too old

Oops. The above causes the 'nut_have_asciidoc' variable to be set to  
'no', which means that the prerequisites for building the  
documentation are not met and it will not be build regardless of any  
configure setting.

> checking for dblatex... /usr/bin/dblatex
> checking for dblatex version... dblatex version 0.2-2 found

Here we only report the version (nothing more) so this isn't a problem.

> checking whether to build and install documentation... no

And finally, the decision is made not to build the documentation. Most  
likely we'll need to strip the initial part of the return from the  
'a2x 8.6.1' version string, since that will probably be treated as  
'' now (it works when I lower the requirement to 1.0.0). I'll  
see what I can do...

Best regards, Arjen
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