[Nut-upsdev] apcsmart question

Michal Soltys soltys at ziu.info
Fri Apr 15 07:43:18 UTC 2011

W dniu 14.04.2011 23:49, Arnaud Quette pisze:
> I would more be in favor of finally using the extra param of
> instcmd(const char *cmdname, const char *extra)
> and mapping these commands onto existing ones. Specific parameters would
> then be described in manpages.

I'm all for this approach. Should just work, from what I've seen, 
without any need for custom command trickery.

>     apcsmart.shutdown.grace (@nnn)
>     apcsmart.shutdown.grace.h (@nn)

(this would be handled as shutdown.return with extra params, following 
your suggestion)

The first one causes:

- on very old models: shutdown, return after additional 6*n minutes, 

- on reasonably non-ancient models: shutdown, return after additional 
6*n minutes. If we're on batteries, 6*n is counted since power's return. 
All eeprom programmed delays are also respected (such as min. battery 
level and other ones)

The second one is a variation I dig in apcupsd sources. Supposedly there 
were units (buggy ? simpler ?) that required/accepted only 2 digits, 
instead of 3.

>     apcsmart.firmware.old (V)
> I'm not sure to see how useful it is. Are they really storing the
> previous FW version?
> and what is the use case?
> is your unit filling ups.firmware + .aux + .old?
> if it's the case, ups.firmware.old has to be added.
> otherwise, I'm not sure ups.firmware.aux would be a good option!

I'd just switch to ups.firmware with extra parameters, similary to the 
above. From command perspective, it's just for user convenience to call 
it and get the info. Internally they are used for detection of UPSes, 
that cannot return command set. 'V' is called before 'b', as I have an 
unit that returns both, but garbage in 'b' (and also garbage in 'a' ...)

Current state:

b (mapped to ups.firmware) is "new" firmware revision
v (mapped to ups.firmware.aux) is "Measure-UPS firmware". From quick 
google it seems to be one of the expansion card's firmware. Though not 
100% sure. Likely the reason why it was mapped to .aux
V is "old" firmware revision, which has always been in use internally, 
but not exposed as instcmd.

Proposed state:

b: ups.firmware
V: ups.firmware old
v: either ups.firmware measure, or current ups.firmware.aux, or even 
better - ups.firmware.aux measure (with fallback to 'v', if extra string 
is not specified)

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