[Nut-upsdev] apcsmart question

Michal Soltys soltys at ziu.info
Mon Apr 25 21:49:16 UTC 2011

On 11-04-19 18:26, Arnaud Quette wrote:
> 2011/4/15 Michal Soltys <soltys at ziu.info <mailto:soltys at ziu.info>>
>     (this would be handled as shutdown.return with extra params,
>     following your suggestion)
>     The first one causes:
>     - on very old models: shutdown, return after additional 6*n minutes,
>     unconditionally
>     - on reasonably non-ancient models: shutdown, return after
>     additional 6*n minutes. If we're on batteries, 6*n is counted since
>     power's return. All eeprom programmed delays are also respected
>     (such as min. battery level and other ones)
>     The second one is a variation I dig in apcupsd sources. Supposedly
>     there were units (buggy ? simpler ?) that required/accepted only 2
>     digits, instead of 3.
> so no need for 2 commands. 1 that supports both versions will do the job.
> manpage doc + a useful error msg in the log (ie, when failing "nn",
> advise to use "nnn") will help users.

I was actually thinking about:

shutdown.return cs
shutdown.return <value>

Where value is a number. If it consists of exactly two digits - 
"hackish" version will be attempted, otherwise standard command with 3 
digits will be attempted. Automatic fallback could be added as well, if 
desirable - though it's prooly better to just inform user to try the 
standard version.

> so for "b" and "V", everything is ok.
> but I still don't get the "v" version:
> - is it the previous firmware version, in which case ups.firmware.old
> would be suitable (if .aux is always filled by an auxiliary version,
> such as with an expansion card that is used with apcsmart).
> - or the old way to get firmware revision, on older units? In which
> case, this still maps on ups.firmware, but with a needed code hack to
> fallback from "b" to "v".

Well, the "old" code is XYZ. X sort-of describes ups model, Y is 
mounting type (standalone, rack), Z is "international" code

"new" firmware code is A{1,n}.B.C - with similar meaning as above - 
A{1,n} denotes sort-of ups model + smart protocol level + maybe 
something else ?, B is mounting type, C is "international" code

Note that B != Y, though C seems to be == Z.

E.g. a newer rackmount unit I have (2200W, ca. 2005) responds:

b: 665.6.I

Overall, the meaning is roughly the same, with "new" being a bit more 

It's not really firmware version either, but it's been like that mapped 
in apcsmart driver since always (I think), so probably no reason to 
suddenly change it (and even if, to what kind of variable(s) - some sort 
of "internal ups model" ?). Meaning of both variables is a pure 
guess-work either way.

Some old units respond to both 'V' and 'b', but the latter might not be 
a valid "firmware" version. I haven't heard about newer units that would 
support 'b' but not support 'V' at the same time.

Can't really say anything more, than generic info about smart protocol 
available online. APC never bothered relasing any official info, afaik, 
and they now repeat the same silly approach with "microlink" protocol. 
Though FWIW, they seem to be slowly getting the idea it's perhaps not 
the best thing to do ... (they released expansion card not so long ago, 
that can talk real smart protocol on new "smart" models, though for 
pretty expensive units, one have now to pay extra for the card + waste 
an expansion slot ...).

Re: smart protocol and firmware codes:


(interpretations of firmware codes are a bit off / not up to date)

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