[Nut-upsdev] Bug/Patch for NUT 2.6.0 ; usbhid-ups (libhid.c)

Richard Gerth r.gerth.phd at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 16:29:11 UTC 2011

Hello All-

First, my apologies if this is not the correct place/procedure for
reporting a bug.

I have a Cyberpower  850AVRLCD ups, and I'm running  NUT 2.6.0 (and
also tried 2.4.1 and 2.4.3).  I suspect that the problem I was having
would affect anyone using the usbhid-ups driver, but since I have only
the one UPS, I don't know for sure.
In NUT 2.4.1  the driver starts up OK, and  upsc client gives me
values for 39 variables/parameters.
In NUT 2.4.3 and 2.6.0,  level 1 debug from the driver shows lots of
errors and upsc client gives me only 22 variables/parameters.
I narrowed the problem down to one function call in libhid.c:

r = comm_driver->get_report(udev, id, buf, sizeof(buf));

Below is the patch that fixes the problem.   With this change, I get
no errors in the level 1 driver debug output, and upsd and all the
clients seem to work properly.
Once I found that this fixed my problems, I didn't look into it
further.   But I expect that whoever is responsible for this part of
the code will probably know right away if it is a reasonable change or
if there is a better fix.
If you need more details on my system/setup, please let me know;  I'll
be happy to provide more info.
And finally,  thank you all for giving us NUT -- it's very useful!

Richard Gerth

--- libhid.c    2011-02-02 20:35:39.862569743 -0600
+++ libhid.c.rg 2011-02-02 20:41:41.716570500 -0600
@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@
                return 0;

-       r = comm_driver->get_report(udev, id, buf, sizeof(buf));
+       r = comm_driver->get_report(udev, id, buf, rbuf->len[id]);
        if (r <= 0) {
                return -1;

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