[Nut-upsdev] Riello UPs implementation for NUT software

Ivan Kuznetsov kia at solvo.ru
Tue Apr 24 13:55:17 UTC 2012


We have an Riello MDT40 UPS at our data room. We currently monitoring 
the UPS via Netman 102 plus Web/SNMP card using RFC1628 mibs. UPS status 
is mostly reported correctly but there are some issues with values 
reported. E.g. output power is not in Watts, input power is constantly 
0, battery charge current varies upto unreal values. Alsow we find that 
sometimes the card becomes unresponsible, probably hangs. We need to 
reset the card to return access to it

Some time ago we have update card firmware to v1.15 and some of mistakes 
went avay. May be we can cooperate to make card firmware better?

Of cource we can do some tests with both NUT and hardware we have

Regards, Ivan Kuznetsov
System Administrator of SOLVO ltd

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