[Nut-upsdev] New driver for UPSes manufactured by Voltronic Power

hyouko at gmail.com hyouko at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 11:59:03 UTC 2013

I applied NUT's revision 3721 to usb driver to suit new USBDevice_t
structure in is_usb_device_supported and added it to tools/nut-usbinfo.pl -
sorry, I was building it against 2.6.5 and didn't notice it before. I've
also added a comment to usb driver so that the autogen script/{hal/
ups-nut-device.fdi.in,udev/nut-usbups.rules.in} have the right comment for
rules generated for this driver.
Plus, I've blessed the manuals with a better layout.

voltronic.diff.tar.gz (~40k) -
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