[Nut-upsdev] nut driver for SMS (brazil) UPS

Ulisses Guedes uli1958 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 25 12:21:44 UTC 2013

> Subject: Re: [Nut-upsdev] nut driver for SMS (brazil) UPS
> From: clepple at gmail.com
> Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 07:28:21 -0500
> CC: skrull at gmail.com; nut-upsdev at lists.alioth.debian.org
> To: uli1958 at hotmail.com
> On Jan 24, 2013, at 3:48 AM, Ulisses Guedes wrote:
> > Since input /output current is not supplied by SMS firmware, i guess that should better replace them by 
> > voltage, power and frequency statistics (maximum and minimum), as vendor software does.
> I haven't had a chance to look over the entire patch in detail, but what we try to do with the drivers is keep the number of calculated values to a minimum, and only report what the UPS directly reports.


> If there are general values like state-of-charge of the battery which are not provided by the UPS, those are sometimes calculated, but they often require a lot of configuration parameters (so it is obvious to someone debugging their setup). If you do calculate a value, make sure you mention it in the driver documentation.

I will do that. Thanks. 
Below is a copy of all parameters provided by upsc after driver fix.

> Thanks for posting your patch!
> -- 
> Charles Lepple
> clepple at gmail

[root at torrinha drivers]# upsc sms
battery.charge: 100.0
battery.charge.low: 30
battery.charge.restart: 25
battery.charge.warning: 40
battery.voltage.nominal: 012
device.mfr: SMS Brasil
device.model: Monophase:  :NET4+  1.0
device.serial: Cypress HID->COM
device.type: ups
driver.name: smsbrasil
driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
driver.parameter.port: /dev/ttyUSB0
driver.version: 2.6.5-Unversioned directory
driver.version.internal: 0.02
input.current: 2.055
input.frequency: 60.0
input.frequency.nominal: 60
input.voltage: 218.0
input.voltage.maximum: 220.0
input.voltage.minimum: 215.0
input.voltage.nominal: 115/220
output.current: 3.288
output.frequency: 60.0
output.frequency.high: 60.0
output.frequency.low: 60.0
output.voltage: 109.0
output.voltage.maximum: 110.0
output.voltage.minimum: 108.0
ups.beeper.status: enabled
ups.efficiency: 80
ups.load: 32.0
ups.load.maximum: 33.0
ups.load.minimum: 28.0
ups.mfr: SMS Brasil
ups.model: Monophase:  :NET4+  1.0
ups.power: 1400
ups.productid: 5500
ups.serial: Cypress HID->COM
ups.temperature: 41.0
ups.vendorid: 04b4


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