[Nut-upsdev] Developing the UPS side of the UPS-NUT equation (via usbhid)

Tim Dawson tadawson at tpcsvc.com
Thu Mar 6 21:35:13 UTC 2014

Rob -
	Just out of curiosity, will this device also have any network 
monitoring connectivity, or just USB?  Not sure what market you are 
targeting, but even as a small business/home compute user, I find that 
the distance limitations of USB often cause me grief, and myself, I 
would love to see a network alternative as well . . . Perhaps support 
for a network dongle on the USB port?  More software, I know, but 
depending on what's embedded in your UPS, it does eliminate the need for 
a hardware-centric network implementation . . .

- Tim

On 03/06/2014 02:55 PM, Rob Groner wrote:
> My company is developing a new UPS, with smarts provided by a PIC32
> Microchip micro-controller.  The controller comes with a demo for a
> USBHID-UPS, and after some tweaking, I was able to get NUT to recognize
> it and start showing some reasonable values.
> To make this UPS as easy to use as possible for the end-user who chooses
> Linux, I figured I would just completely implement the official USB HID
> UPS spec.  That way no subdriver would be needed, or at least very
> little.  However, I am having a terrible time making sense of the pages
> in the NUT guide for writing USB HID drivers, and the USB HID usage
> table at usb.org.  Just looking at some of the report ID values that I
> KNOW are working from the UPS example running on the microchip, I can’t
> seem to find their equivalent in either doc.  For instance, I know that
> the UPS code is sending status info using a Report ID of 0x40 and two
> bytes of data…but I cannot find anything in the usb.org docs that
> relates to this.  NUT somehow understands it, though, since it correctly
> reports the device’s status.
> Can someone point me to a reference to make sense of the doc, or some
> hints to help me interpret what I’m seeing?
> Thanks
> Rob
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