[Nut-upsdev] POWERCOM HID USB controller update

Maksym Bodaniuk max.bodaniuk at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 20:30:24 UTC 2014

Dear Charles and Artem,

I've recently bought a new PowerCom Imperial IMD825-AP LCD which 
identifies itself as 0x0d9f:0x0004.
At first glance it seems that usbhid-ups driver works fine. But when I 
tried to shutdown UPS via DelayBeforeShutdown it started double beeping 
every couple seconds for indefinite time (the same problem described by 
Vincenzo Colonnella here: 

I suppose that recent protocol change affects a protocol specifications 
for DelayBeforeShutdown and powercom_shutdown_info methods should be 
modified to support 0x0004 devices. But unfortunately the protocol 
specifications attached by Alexey Morozov didn't clarify much for me.
My assumption here that PowerCom developers made a new devices with ID 
0x0d9f:0x0004 more compatible with USB HID PDC and therefore we do not 
need any specific conversions for passed values anymore.

Best Regards,
Maksym Bodaniuk

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