[Nut-upsdev] FW: POWERCOM HID USB controller update

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 20:55:11 UTC 2014

Dear Artem and Alexey,

2014-09-16 13:20 GMT+02:00 Khokhlov Artem <khokhlov.a at pcm.ru>:

>  Dear Sirs,
> We appreciate your support and cooperation.
> Unfortunately we lost contacts with NUT team, because of retirement of Mr.
> Arjen de Korte.

NOTE: Arjen de Korte is retired from the project for some years now.
Please do not contact him anymore about NUT. Thanks!

  Can you please kindly add our new USB-controller with productID 0X04 to
> NUT compatible list. Updated USB-controller compatible with previous
> version which is supported by your usbhid-ups driver.
Charles Lepple already answered to you on the NUT developers mailing list:

>> Confused. This commit was added in 2011:
>> Should the UPSes be listed differently?

I confirm that ProductID 0x0004 is (still) supported by usbhid-ups, as
Charles pointed.
Other listed USB ProductsIDs are also still supported.

The related products also appear on our HCL:

As for the "new commands" pointed in your archive (thanks for isolating
these changes!):

- Usage ID : 85:68 is already supported with UPS.PowerSummary.RunTimeToEmpty
- Usage ID :85:4B is already supported with 1 of the 2 below (can't check
the HID report structure)

This leaves the 2 "Outlet Group" commands, which is probably the actual
reason why you contacted us:

Usage ID : 84:01
Report ID : 50
Write : 1
Description : Outlet Group1 ON
Usage ID : 84:01
Report ID : 49
Write : 0
Description : Outlet Group2 OFF

To add these new commands, I need the actual path of these new data.
You can obtain this with the initial HID data dump done by usbhid-ups
(using "usbhid-ups -D -a ...").
Please send back the result.

Side notes:
- Usage ID : 84:01 is mapped to "iName", and seems not a suitable choice!
- I've found an unmapped data to "UPS.iName" in the NUT Powercom subdriver.
However, it seems not functionaly related to your Outlet Group.
And even if it was, you mention Group 1 and 2 above, so it wouldn't be

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