[Nut-upsdev] New snmp-ups subdriver for Huawei

Stuart Henderson stu at spacehopper.org
Sun Mar 29 12:17:24 UTC 2015

On 2015/03/28 20:02, Charles Lepple wrote:
> On Mar 25, 2015, at 9:21 PM, Stuart Henderson <stu at spacehopper.org> wrote:
> > Hi, the diff inline below adds a new subdriver for snmp-ups to support
> > Huawei UPS, based on an observed walk from a UPS5000-E with a few bits
> > filled in from the MIBs (copy at http://junkpile.org/HUAWEI_UPS_MIB/).
> > Sample output from upsc follows the diff.
> Hi Stuart,
> Thanks for the patch. It builds cleanly for me, so I have no problems
> merging it.
> The only two things that jump out at me could probably be addressed
> with documentation. Is there a low battery alarm? If not, we should
> probably mention somewhere that people will need to either synthesize
> a LB status with one or both of 'override.battery.charge.low' and
> 'override.battery.runtime.low'.

I didn't notice anything that looks like a low battery alarm in the
Huawei MIB, though it does also return a value in UPS-MIB::upsBatteryStatus.0
so perhaps a LB alarm will be signalled there; I see that in mge-mib.c
the status appears to be generated from a combination of ietf and private
MIB but there is a comment "FIXME: the below may introduce status redundancy,
that needs to be * adressed by the driver, as for usbhid-ups!" so I wasn't
sure the best approach here.

Unfortunately it isn't really possible to test low battery in my environment,
I'd need to override the generator autostart/ATS which I don't think I'd
get approval for (my main aim with this UPS is to use NUT to act as an
abstraction layer so that it can be monitored alongside a couple of
more "normal" UPS, rather than specifically to trigger shutdowns).

>                                 (Or they can shut down when it first
> transfers to battery, but this sounds like the sort of UPS that would
> keep going for a while.)

Indeed, it is a bit larger than anything I've dealt with before, you
may have noticed the battery V in my sample output ;-)

> There also seem to be a few commands in the MIB, but none are
> implemented here. The only ones that people might be expecting are the
> shutdown.reboot and shutdown.stayoff, although I haven't used the SNMP
> driver to see how well those work in general. Not strictly necessary
> to implement, but we should probably take this opportunity to point
> out in the snmp-ups man page that if there are no shutdown.* commands
> listed in the upscmd output, there is a potential for a race condition
> if the power comes back early.

There's a hwUpsCtrlPowerOff command and a RW hwUpsCtrlPowerOffDelay
variable, but the mib isn't clear about whether this would be
"shutdown.stayoff" or "shutdown.return", I'll see if I can find more
information about this in the manuals.

I don't see a power-on delay in the vendor mib so I think shutdown.reboot
may not be possible.

There is also a battery test command, which would be a bit easier for
me to test, I'll try and look at that sometime.

> Arnaud, as maintainer of snmp-ups, any thoughts here?

Thanks for the review Charles, and I'd be interested to hear any
comments from Arnaud.


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