[Nut-upsdev] nut-git reporting 24 Volts with CP1350PFCLCD -- is that correct?

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 00:23:33 UTC 2016

On Dec 7, 2016, at 1:35 PM, David C. Rankin <drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com> wrote:
>  I just built and installed network-ups-tools-git-v2.7.4.r161.g7bf209a on
> Archlinux for a CyberPower CP1350PFCLCD ups. After hitting the FAQ 29. "My USB
> UPS is supported but doesn’t work!" udev issue because the UPS was plugged in
> when nut was installed bug, running upsc I get:

> Really??
> battery.voltage: 24.0
> battery.voltage.nominal: 24

For a CP1500PFLCD:




Based on the latter message, I don't think we can fix that. (I still haven't gotten around to writing a HID descriptor patcher, which might help with some of the other voltages.)

See also http://networkupstools.org/ddl/Cyber_Power_Systems/CP1500PFCLCD.html (and the other entries one level up).

> Note: https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/issues/140 referenced in FAQ 29
> is NOT fixed. I just did a fresh pull and build from today's git source, and I
> was still bitten by this bug (unplugged and replugged the usb cable and all
> was well)

Is it some variant of this issue? The Arch install scripts should tell udevd to reload somehow.


Since the NUT project doesn't really control the distro-specific scripts, we closed the issue based on the distro-specific bugs that we knew about at the time. If there is one filed against Arch, we can add that to the list.

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