[Nut-upsdev] Tripplite Smart Int 1000 - wrong numbers

tuharsky at misbb.sk tuharsky at misbb.sk
Sun Oct 8 20:34:35 UTC 2017

Thank You for You reply, Charles

Dňa 07.10.2017 o 14:30 Charles Lepple napísal(a):
> Is the "lan4.1" cable different from this one? 
> http://networkupstools.org/cables.html#_tripp_lite 

Yes, it is different. The correct cable for this interface version looks 
like this:
> Are you comfortable with rebuilding the drivers?
> I think the best thing might be to see if your UPS responds to the same protocol query command that is used in tripplite_usb:
Seems that it could help tripplite tree as such... Charles, well, I'm 
not a programmer, but if You send me instructions and/or howto, I'll try 
my best.

I have Debian 9 so please decide, whether it would suffice to use the 
distributional source packages or whether build from "raw" upstream 
source, and instruct me accordingly.


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