[Nut-upsdev] Tripplite Smart Int 1000 - wrong numbers

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 00:55:38 UTC 2017

My apologies, I forgot a step. See below.
> On Oct 9, 2017, at 1:59 PM, tuharsky at misbb.sk wrote:
> Hi, Charles
> I'm trying compilation but there is no configure command in the cloned git directory of nut.
> Dňa 08.10.2017 o 23:47 Charles Lepple napísal(a):
>> On Oct 8, 2017, at 4:34 PM, tuharsky at misbb.sk wrote:
>>> Thank You for You reply, Charles
>>> Dňa 07.10.2017 o 14:30 Charles Lepple napísal(a):
>>>> Is the "lan4.1" cable different from this one? http://networkupstools.org/cables.html#_tripp_lite
>>> Yes, it is different. The correct cable for this interface version looks like this:
>>> http://pinouts.ru/UPS/tripplite_smartpro_cable_pinout.shtml
>> Thanks, I just created an issue to remind me about that later: https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/issues/487
>>>> Are you comfortable with rebuilding the drivers?
>>>> I think the best thing might be to see if your UPS responds to the same protocol query command that is used in tripplite_usb:
>>> Seems that it could help tripplite tree as such... Charles, well, I'm not a programmer, but if You send me instructions and/or howto, I'll try my best.
>>> I have Debian 9 so please decide, whether it would suffice to use the distributional source packages or whether build from "raw" upstream source, and instruct me accordingly.
>> You might want to rebuild the .deb packages later, but for now, the quickest way is probably from source.
>> 1) make sure you have "deb-src" lines to match the "deb" lines in /etc/apt/sources
>> 2) run "sudo apt-get update" if you had to change anything
>> 3) run "sudo apt-get build-dep nut"
>> 3.5) optional: remove "asciidoc" (or install the build-deps manually, and omit asciidoc) to save a bit of build time
>> 4) run "sudo apt-get -y install git" if you do not already have Git installed
>> 5) clone the source to your working directory: "git clone https://github.com/networkupstools/nut.git"
>> 6) "cd nut" and run this mega-command:

6.5) "git fetch && git checkout tripplite_serial_protocol"
6.6) "./autogen.sh"
6.7) configure command below:
>> ./configure --includedir=/usr/include --mandir=/usr/share/man \
>>         --infodir=/usr/share/info --sysconfdir=/etc/nut --localstatedir=/var \
>>         --libexecdir=/usr/lib/nut --srcdir=. --enable-maintainer-mode \
>>         --disable-silent-rules --libdir=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu \
>>         --with-ssl --with-nss --with-cgi --with-dev --enable-static \
>>         --with-statepath=/var/run/nut --with-altpidpath=/var/run/nut \
>>         --with-drvpath=/lib/nut --with-cgipath=/usr/lib/cgi-bin/nut \
>>         --with-htmlpath=/usr/share/nut/www --with-pidpath=/var/run/nut \
>>         --datadir=/usr/share/nut --with-pkgconfig-dir=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pkgconfig \
>>         --with-user=nut --with-group=nut --with-udev-dir=/lib/udev \
>>         --with-systemdsystemunitdir=/lib/systemd/system
>> 7) run "make"
>> Hopefully that works, and in the mean time, I will work on a quick patch that will attempt to grab the protocol number.
The tripplite_serial_protocol branch has some debug statements that will show up if you run "sudo drivers/tripplite -D -a name-of-ups" from the nut directory.

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