[Nut-upsdev] Adding drivers to NUT?

Daniele Pezzini hyouko at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 01:20:36 BST 2018

> - I can send you the whole sources for our UPSs, do you need only Headers
> and C files or also other files (i suppose Driver list)?

If you can't generate a patch yourself (either `diff -u` or `git
format-patch`, well probably even `git diff`, will do), send any file
you've touched and tell us from what you started.

> - Seen that we had some problems with the Blazer driver (the battery voltage
> calculation were not correct for our UPSs) we copied it and modified a bit
> while changing the name, is this possible or it's  a problem for devs?

Generally speaking, it's not a problem, as long as copyright and
license are respected -- it's more a question of opportunity, then: is
it worth creating a new driver if the changes are not big?
Since you mention the blazer drivers, if your devices use a Q1-like
protocol that is not already supported by the nutdrv_qx driver, if
feasible, you should add a subdriver to it (or modify an existing
one), rather than creating a new driver. See:

> We have no problems to send you protocols of our UPSs.

Good to hear. If you send this first, we can decide together what's
the best solution.

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