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Roger Price roger at rogerprice.org
Fri Jul 16 09:32:09 BST 2021

Hello Marika, Yes, those are the data values we need.  To put them in the 
database, we will need them as text files.  This could be done with the commands 
shown below which will produce 4 files: gtec.NEON.txt, gtec.QUANTUM.txt, 
gtec.ION.txt and gtec.TETRYS.txt.

Could you run the commands and send us the four files?  Thanks, Roger

Using a NEON series UPS:

   echo G-Tec NEON > gtec.NEON.txt
   upsc <ups>  >> gtec.NEON.txt
   upsrw <ups>  >> gtec.NEON.txt
   upscmd -l <ups>  >> gtec.NEON.txt

Using a QUANTUM series UPS:

   echo G-Tec QUANTUM > gtec.QUANTUM.txt
   upsc <ups>  >> gtec.QUANTUM.txt
   upsrw <ups>  >> gtec.QUANTUM.txt
   upscmd -l <ups>  >> gtec.QUANTUM.txt

Using an ION series UPS:

   echo G-Tec ION > gtec.ION.txt
   upsc <ups>  >> gtec.ION.txt
   upsrw <ups>  >> gtec.ION.txt
   upscmd -l <ups>  >> gtec.ION.txt

Using a TETRYS series UPS:

   echo G-Tec TETRYS > gtec.TETRYS.txt
   upsc <ups>  >> gtec.TETRYS.txt
   upsrw <ups>  >> gtec.TETRYS.txt
   upscmd -l <ups>  >> gtec.TETRYS.txt

There is help for this operation at 

On Thu, 15 Jul 2021, Marika Rigon wrote:

> Good morning Roger,
> Here is an example of NUT command test screenshot for City800(QUANTUM). Is this what you need?
> If yes, we will send the same command test screenshot for NEON, QUANTUM, ION and TETRYS.
> We should only pick one model form each series to do the test, right?
> Example: Is enough for NEON series (650 VA, 850 VA, 1000 VA) to send you only the NUT commands of NEON 650 VA?
> Looking forward to your reply, thanks.
> Marika Rigon
> Marketing Department
> Email: marika.rigon at gtec-power.eu

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