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Marika Rigon marika.rigon at gtec-power.eu
Thu Jul 15 09:00:00 BST 2021

Good morning Roger,

Here is an example of NUT command test screenshot for City800(QUANTUM). Is this what you need? 
If yes, we will send the same command test screenshot for NEON, QUANTUM, ION and TETRYS.
We should only pick one model form each series to do the test, right?
Example: Is enough for NEON series (650 VA, 850 VA, 1000 VA) to send you only the NUT commands of NEON 650 VA?

Looking forward to your reply, thanks.

Marika Rigon
Marketing Department
Email: marika.rigon at gtec-power.eu

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On Tue, 29 Jun 2021, Marika Rigon via Nut-upsdev wrote:

> During 2019 we have launched a new independent brand of UPS for home - 
> office use. This new brandʼs name is Epyc, this is our website:
> https://www.justepyc.com/en/. Our four Epyc models of UPS (NEON, 
> TETRYS) are for sale on Amazon Italy:
> Many users ask us information about the compatibility with NUT because 
> our brand Epyc is not insert in your compatibility list.
> From userʼs feedback and from our test we confirm that our products 
> are perfectly compatible with your systems, moreover our products are 
> branded Cyber Energy. Our Epyc UPS are supported by Driver usbhid-ups - Cyber Power.
> I will kindly ask you to include our models in your list.

Hello Marika, could you ask one of your engineers to run the NUT commands

  upsc <ups>
  upsrw <ups>
  upscmd -l <ups>

for each of the models, NEON, QUANTUM, ION and TETRYS, and to post the results on this list?

Thanks, Roger
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