[Nut-upsdev] nut packaging list gone?

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Mon Oct 25 01:42:43 BST 2021

By way of introduction:

  I work on pkgsrc, used on NetBSD, illumos/smartos/etc., and also lots of
  others (mac, FreeBSD, AIX, Linux).

  I've been running nut for a long time, on 2 NetBSD systems with a Best
  Power Fortress 660.  (That was a great UPS to buy in 1995, and with
  new batteries still works fine today, with a real serial port for an

  I wrote a python program to report UPS status via MQTT to Home
  Assistant, where it sends once a minute if nothing interesting is
  happening, and right away (every 2s polling) if values change a lot or
  power fails.  I get prompt notifications of input voltage going to 0,
  or if the UPS transfers to battery and stays that way for 5s.  I am
  working on cleaning it up and detangling my config so I can publish

Sorry if I asked this before.  At:


it says there is a nut packaging list, but the link says there isn't.

It seems fine to have that discussion here though, so I suggest just
dropping the description of the packaging list.

We just had a discussion on the mqtt list about the paho mqtt module
dropping python 2.7 support, and I noted that nut's module was 2.7 only
(in a release) but then I built it from git and found that PyNUT.py now
does python 3.  Thanks Jim, another heroic effort.

I was able to build nut from git on NetBSD 9 amd64.  I haven't tried to
run it or package it.

That leads me to wonder how close we are to an alpha of a new release.


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