[Nut-upsdev] GPIO as NUT driver interface?

MODRIS BĒRZONIS modrisb at apollo.lv
Thu Feb 23 21:06:23 GMT 2023

Did refactoring to better split library specifics, now see 
open/close/read lines that any library should support. Need to split 
into 2 files, may to go for library?

On 2/22/23 20:17, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Jim Klimov via Nut-upsdev <nut-upsdev at alioth-lists.debian.net> writes:
>> Nearby there's also a `generic_modbus" name. Wondering if the new driver
>> should be (similar to) `generic_gpio`.
> sound good.
> It would be nice if there were an abstraction layer for various GPIO
> access methods, rather than hard-coding linux, even if there is only one
> implementation of the abstraction.  I'm not that clear on GPIO, but I
> gather there are differences.  Or maybe there is already a portable GPIO
> abstraction library?
>> @Community verdict: Then there was also an effort some years ago to name
>> drivers with a `nutdrv-*` prefix... WDYT?
> I see nutdrv- when used as a driver name to be conent-free.

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