[Nut-upsdev] RunTimeToEmpty is in minutes or seconds?

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Wed Jan 3 00:23:30 GMT 2024

Kelly Byrd <kbyrd at memcpy.com> writes:

> Thanks for the reply, it looks to me (based on various existing  HID-based
> drivers in the NUT source tree) that everyone is just mapping it directly
> with a line like this in a hid_info_t:
>   { "battery.runtime", 0, 0, "UPS.PowerSummary.RunTimeToEmpty", NULL,
> "%.0f", 0, NULL }
> I found that in belkin-hid, apc-hid, cps-hid, tripplite-hid, and a bunch of
> others. This seems like evidence that real world UPS devices are using
> seconds.

Strictly, it's evidence that the person who wrote the first driver,
before it was copied, thought they use seconds.  I'm kind of kidding,
but not entirely.

Can you compare reported runtimes to displays and sanity to confirm that
this is really true?

If the devices are all wrong compared to the spec, we should add a
comment that the spec says that value is in minutes but that we know
this manufacturer puts seconds in the field instead.

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