[Nut-upsuser] Re: problem with USB conection

Javi Pardo (DAKOTA) dakota at dakotabcn.net
Mon Aug 22 23:25:35 UTC 2005


>> # UPS device - needed if UPS is locally attached
>> DEVICE= -> whta is the correct config?
> "auto" should be fine. In fact, this part is redundant with
> the ups.conf file. Will be addressed with the NUT Packaging
> Standard effort.
> IIRC, the sysconfig file was present the allow a central
> settings, but putting "upsdrvctl" as the driver and leaving
> the rest alone, having the ups/*.conf files configured
> should work too.

in source the /etc/sysconfig/ups not exist
I ignore this file

>> into /etc/ups/ups.conf [myups]
>> driver = newhidups
>> port = auto is correct auto or /dev/usb/hiddev96  ???
> "auto" is fine too. Contrarily to hidups, newhidups use
> libusb (not linux hid/hiddev specific stack) and has the
> hability to auto detect the first local UPS.
> But it also need to know how to translate (look up)
> between the UPS internal HID data and the NUT
> formalism. Have a look at the various mail about
> newhidups and other manufacturers, mostly on
> the upsdev list archives to see how to get the
> supported data and how to create a lookup table
> for your UPS.
> Arnaud Quette

In Cdrom is printed 
"Support SEC Protocol, USB Interface"

i hace read the README and probe this driver -> fentonups , the readme indicate this driver for protocol MEGATEC, the original soft for this UPS is Upsilon 2000 (the support from megatec confirm the NO support for linux and USB :( 
i have driver for protocol SEC and USB?
mmm google is my friend! 
but in bin not exist this driver, is older or integrated in other driver?


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