[Nut-upsuser] Re: problem with USB conection

arnaud.quette at mgeups.com arnaud.quette at mgeups.com
Tue Aug 23 07:39:27 UTC 2005


> > ...
> in source the /etc/sysconfig/ups not exist
> I ignore this file

it's redhat (packages) specific

> > ...
> In Cdrom is printed
> "Support SEC Protocol, USB Interface"
> i hace read the README and probe this driver -> fentonups , the readme indicate this driver for protocol MEGATEC, the original soft for this UPS > is Upsilon 2000 (the support from megatec confirm
the NO support for linux and USB :(
> i have driver for protocol SEC and USB?
> mmm google is my friend!
> http://www.die.net/doc/linux/man/man8/sec.8.html
> but in bin not exist this driver, is older or integrated in other driver?

usb: it depends if it's hid compliant. If so, look
at the lists archive as told, as there is a lot
of info on how to extend this (wonderful ;-) meta

sec: it will be revived by 2.0.3, thanks to gamatronic,
but under the name gamatronic (not sec).
Note that it's already available in the CVS Development
and Testing branches (will also be in 2.0.3-pre2).

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