[Nut-upsuser] Back-UPS RS6000

Peter Selinger selinger at mathstat.dal.ca
Sun Dec 4 04:04:51 UTC 2005

Hi Robert,

you can try upgrading to the Development (or Testing) version from
CVS, and use the newhidups driver. I have added support for an APC
Back-UPS a few months ago, but there is no 2.0.3 release yet.

Input and output voltages should be supported, if present. About the
naming, well... perhaps that is not extremely important, but I do
believe the newhidups driver does some name formatting. I believe "FW"
stands for the firmware version.


is it perhaps a good time to make a 2.0.3-pre2 release from the
Testing branch? The 2.0.2 release is beginning to be very outdated
judging from recent traffic on the mailing lists.

-- Peter

Robert Walsh wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have an APCC Back-UPS XS 1000 (it's a USB device) that I'm using with
> nut 2.0.2 that came with Fedora Core 4.  It reports itself like this:
>     Back-UPS RS 1000 FW:7.g8 .D USB FW:g8
> in the nut web status page, which seems a tad messy.  It otherwise works
> fine, except I don't get any information on the input and output
> voltages.  I'm using the hidups driver.
> My question is: will this be properly supported in any upcoming release?
> By properly, I mean will it at least get a tidier name and perhaps
> support for missing features like the input and output voltage
> monitoring (if it actually supports it, of course.)
> Regards,
>  Robert.
> --
> Robert Walsh
> Amalgamated Durables, Inc.  -  "We don't make the things you buy."
> Email: rjwalsh at durables.org

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