[Nut-upsuser] Atlantis-Land UPS with Cypress CY7C63723 chip (cypress_m8 driver) support

ngpost1 ngpost1 at etitech.net
Wed Dec 7 16:52:37 UTC 2005

Hello everybody!

   I am trying to get an Atlantis-Land OnePower Line Interactive S1501 
UPS (actually it is made by Ablerex) to talt to my Linux box through its 
USB port (no more RS-232...), either using the supplied program 
(UPSilon2000, works under Win and Linux) or whatever else.

   The UPSilon2000 program apparently works OK *if* it can talk to the 
UPS via a serial port; since my UPS has a USB port, no luck (I get a 
series of error messages). On the other hand, I verified the UPSilon2000 
works OK under Windoze, again through the USB port.

   The error I get is:
drivers/usb/input/hid-core.c: couldn't find an input interrupt endpoint
usbhid: probe of 3-2:1.0 failed with error -5

   I opened the UPS and found a Cypress CY7C63723-PC chip. So I wrote to 
Lonnie Mendez, the maintainer of the cypress_m8 driver; this is what he 
replied (quoting with permission):

 >  Yes, the CY7C63723 is in the family.  However in this instance, the 
device seems
 > to go by the standards defined in the HID documentation at usb.org 
(notice the several
 > usage definitions given by the hid report descriptor).  So the 
cypress_m8 driver will most
 > definitely NOT work with this device (ie: it doesn't go by the CY4601 
specifications, which
 > needs 2 interrupt endpoints).

 >  I'd email the developers over at networkupstools.org (the guys that 
made NUT) the entire lsusb -v output you gave me
 > from the BusID all the way down to the last usage in the hid report 
descriptor.  They can most likely
 > use this information to add support for this device, as it seems to 
go by some standards... at least under
 > the usb.org HID specification for UPS devices.

   Before I post the entire lsusb output and generate a lot of noise on 
the list, I just wanted to be sure this is the right list for this kind 
of questions. Please do let me know.

Many thanks in advance for your attention.


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