[Nut-upsuser] Tecnoware Easy Power 1200 and blazer driver (was: Re: Suggestion)

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 07:05:57 UTC 2005

Hi Marcello,

Marcello wrote:
> a few days ago I bought a "Tecnoware Easy Power 1200" UPS for my little
> server, and in these days I haven't found nothing on the net apart the
> "driver" for Linux (written in Java) on Tecnoware site (www.tecnoware.com<http://www.tecnoware.com>
> So i tried NUT: while trying one by one all the possible supported
drivers, I
> found that driver called "blazer" works fine, and finally I used it.
> So I now suggest you (or who is mainteining the NUT project) to verify
> "blazer" driver really works fine with this model of UPS (sold in Italy)
> to add this model to the driver.list file, so people in future won't have
> do what I have done. I used a standard rs232 cable to connect UPS to PC.

the only to verify that blazer works with that model is to have reports
from users or help from the manufacturer.

So you have to test a bit the communication, look at what upsc returns,
test power failure and check ups.status has an "OB" value, and then
report back the above info either to me or the the nut-upsuser list

Arnaud Quette
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