[Nut-upsuser] F6C1500-TW-RK

Evan Sikorski temper at probsd.net
Thu Dec 14 07:44:39 CET 2006

Greetings Jamie/Peter,

	I also have a F6C1500-TW-RK which I use with nut.  However in
my experiences the USB driver has been unstable to the point of
avoidance. I have used the newhidups driver on 2 occasions on 2
different FreeBSD 5.5-stable machines and 2 different physical
devices of this model. 

	What happened was that the device detected, and showed initial
output such as follows: 

battery.charge: 100
battery.charge.low: 30
battery.charge.warning: 30
battery.runtime: 120
battery.type: PbAc
battery.voltage: 0.2
battery.voltage.nominal: 273
driver.name: newhidups
driver.parameter.port: auto
driver.version: 2.0.4
driver.version.data: Belkin HID 0.1
driver.version.internal: 0.28
input.frequency: 59.9
input.frequency.nominal: 60
input.transfer.high: 140
input.transfer.high.max: 144
input.transfer.high.min: 140
input.transfer.low: 88
input.transfer.low.max: 88
input.transfer.low.min: 84
input.voltage: 119.1
input.voltage.nominal: 120
output.frequency: 60.0
output.voltage: 119.6
ups.beeper.status: enabled
ups.delay.restart: 0
ups.delay.shutdown: 0
ups.firmware: 1
ups.load: 19
ups.mfr: Belkin
ups.model: unknown
ups.power.nominal: 1500
ups.status: OL CHRG
ups.test.result: No test initiated
ups.type: offline

	The problem was that both times I tried to use this, the device
simply powered off about 10-15 minutes after starting the NUT
software, and without any warning or indication in the logs why it

	The 'belkin' serial driver does also work, and does not
experience this stability issue when I use it.  The output with the
'belkin' driver contains much less information:

battery.charge: 100
battery.temperature: 000
battery.voltage: 27.2
driver.name: belkin
driver.parameter.port: /dev/cuaa1
driver.version: 2.0.4
driver.version.internal: 0.21
input.frequency: 59.9
input.transfer.high: 0.0
input.transfer.low: 0.0
input.voltage: 118.9
output.frequency: 59.9
output.voltage: 119.5
ups.firmware: 01
ups.load: 017
ups.mfr: BELKIN
ups.model: F6C1500-TW-RK
ups.status: OL
ups.temperature: 000

- Evan
temper at probsd.net / systems admin @ www.probsd.net

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