[Nut-upsuser] Old Contact UPS Info

Martin Rheumer martin at mogwai.net.au
Sat Feb 4 04:17:02 UTC 2006

I tried to find a search button for the mailing list but could not. So rtfm
me with the link please.

If not..

I have an old Deltec PowerRite Pro 2 UPS which has a 9 pin serial cable.
By trial and error Im pretty sure I found LB = DCD, but can not get the
combination for OB / OL. No matter what I do I get the results below.

driver.name: genericups
driver.parameter.CP: CTS
driver.parameter.LB: DCD
driver.parameter.OL: DTR
driver.parameter.SD: DTR+RTS
driver.parameter.upstype: 21
driver.version: 2.0.2
driver.version.internal: 1.30
ups.mfr: Generic
ups.model: Generic RUPS 2000
ups.status: OB

Anyone happen to have some hints as to what the correct settings might be ?

Thanks again

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