[Nut-upsuser] Old Contact UPS Info

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Sat Feb 4 16:54:33 UTC 2006

Martin Rheumer schreef:

> I have an old Deltec PowerRite Pro 2 UPS which has a 9 pin serial cable.
> By trial and error Im pretty sure I found LB = DCD, but can not get the
> combination for OB / OL. No matter what I do I get the results below.

First of all, overriding the input lines via 'ups.conf' in genericups
(OL and LB) is currently broken. It has been fixed most likely in the
CVS development tree, but if you don't use that, it is not working like
it should. Therefor, you can't use OL or LB overrides, unless you use
the development version.

> driver.name: genericups
> driver.parameter.CP: CTS

This won't work. CTS is an input pin, not an output pin. NUT can do a
lot of things, but is not able to make an output from an input pin (or
vice versa). You probably need to make a custom cable to fix this and
connect this pin from your UPS to an output pin (DTR or RTS) on your
system monitoring it.

> driver.parameter.LB: DCD

See the first paragraph. Trying to override this in 'ups.conf' will
currently make it inpossible to detect any states on this pin.

> driver.parameter.OL: DTR

Again, DTR is an output and what NUT expects for OL is an input pin, so
this won't work like expected.

> driver.parameter.SD: DTR+RTS

This might work, since only output pins are involved.

> driver.parameter.upstype: 21
> driver.version: 2.0.2
> driver.version.internal: 1.30
> ups.mfr: Generic
> ups.model: Generic RUPS 2000
> ups.status: OB

> Anyone happen to have some hints as to what the correct settings might be ?

This UPS is mentioned in the archives of the mailinglist:


I don't have the time now to completely go through that thread, but it
may give you some clues about how to deal with your hardware.

Regards, Arjen

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