[Nut-upsuser] Device not found--newhidups, FreeBSD 4.10, CyperPower 685AVR

Matt Staroscik matt at wrongcrowd.com
Sun Feb 5 09:53:57 UTC 2006

I've been using nut with a serial device for a while, but today I tried 
hooking up this new CyberPower 685 unit via newhidups--since it seemed 
better supported over USB than serial, based on reading the list 
archives and cvs logs. Unfortunately, I can't connect to it.

My system sees the device:

       uhid1: CPS UPS BF700, rev 1.10/0.01, addr 2, iclass 3/0

... and I have chmodded all the USB stuff in /dev to 777, just to make 
things easier at first.

Anyway, I grabbed the nut development source off CVS, compiled/installed 
(including the USB stuff), and tried to connect to the 685AVR. (I also 
installed libusb, of course.)

       # newhidups -DD -u root -x vendorid=0764 auto

But, it's no dice:

        Network UPS Tools: New USB/HID UPS driver 0.28 (2.1.0)

        debug level is '2'
        No appropriate HID device found
        No matching USB/HID UPS found

I have also tried specifying the USB device directly, ie /dev/uid1 but 
that doesn't help.

I'm using a USB keyboard on this FreeBSD 4.1 system, which is also 
detected as a HID device, so I don't believe that my USB HID is borked 
in general--though I have never used libusb before so I can't be 
positive it is working properly, though it installed fine.

How should I start troubleshooting this?

Thanks in advance!

- Matt

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