[Nut-upsuser] UPSD slow in responding

Damon Pullen Damon.Pullen at dier.tas.gov.au
Wed Feb 8 02:24:27 UTC 2006


We are having a performance issue with UPSD.  

We are using a custom script on a SUN V240 server running Solaris 8.  The script employs UPSC to interrogate UPSD.  UPSD is configured (using upsdrvctl)  to talk to two MGE Galaxy 3000 UPS's via the MGE-SNMP ups driver.

Our problem is this.  When the server runs the backup processes it becomes loaded.  During this time UPSC takes up to 30 seconds to return with an answer from UPSD regarding the status of each UPS.  Since we have two UPS's the combined interrogation time can blow out to 75 seconds.  

Is there any way we can speed up this interrogation time or, at least, determine where the performance issue lies (i.e. with UPSD or UPSC)?  

Thanks for your assistance 

Damon Pullen
DIER - Tasmania


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