[Nut-upsuser] bcmxcp_usb driver with PW5110

Kjell Claesson kjell.claesson at telia.com
Wed Feb 8 16:20:53 UTC 2006

ons 2006-02-08 klockan 11:41 +1100 skrev Alistair Popple:
> Hi,
> I have got a Powerware 5110 UPS which has a usb interface on it.  I
> have downloaded and compiled nut-2.0.3-pre2 with the usb drivers
> enabled on RedHat Enterprise V3 however I have been unable to get nut
> to connect to the UPS.  I have tried executing the driver directly
> (using bcmxcp_usb -DD -u root /proc/bus/usb/002/002) as well as using
> upsdrvctl with the port set to auto (am I correct in
> using /proc/bus/usb/002/002 as the device given the UPS is at this
> address?).  Here is the relevant output from lsusb:

> Also the kernel reports the following when the device is connected:
> usb.c: USB device 2 (vend/prod 0x592/0x2) is not claimed by any active
> driver.
> Which to me indicates that something is wrong with the kernel/usb
> driver configuration, however I'm not sure what driver I should be
> using for the device (or should I not worry because it is a userland
> driver)?
> Anyway any help would be much appreciated.
Hi Alistair,

Have you installed the hotplug scripts ?

ls -al /proc/bus/usb/001/002  (or 002/002) if that is the node.
Should return something like this.

-rw-r--r-- 1 nut usb 52  8 feb 17.14 /proc/bus/usb/001/002

What is the kernel wersion?

Yes it is a userland driver so no kernel driver would claim the device.


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