[Nut-upsuser] TrippLite SmartPro and 2.0.3

Kenneth Tindle ktindle at uky.edu
Wed Feb 8 04:40:05 UTC 2006

I'm running Ubuntu 5.10, featuring a patched kernel 2.6.12.  I have a 
Tripp Lite SmartPro SLT ups connected via USB.  I have cleanly compiled 
and installed the new nut 2.0.3.  I do have the "extras", like libusb, 
installed too.

I need some USB advice- that is, I'm not sure what a normal baseline 
should look like.

At boot, the modules usb_core and uhci_hcd are loaded.  dmesg reports 
finding the VIA controller, but has error -71 when it detects the ups 
itself.  lsusb shows only bus 0, the controller, but no ups.

When starting tripplite_ups as root, with port auto:

No matching USB/HID device found.

It would appear some underlying kernel support is missing here.  True?

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