[Nut-upsuser] TrippLite SmartPro and 2.0.3

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 13:30:05 UTC 2006

On 2/7/06, Kenneth Tindle <ktindle at uky.edu> wrote:
> I need some USB advice- that is, I'm not sure what a normal baseline
> should look like.
> At boot, the modules usb_core and uhci_hcd are loaded.  dmesg reports
> finding the VIA controller, but has error -71 when it detects the ups
> itself.  lsusb shows only bus 0, the controller, but no ups.

Error -71 from the host controller usually indicates a problem with
the physical USB layer (CRC error, etc). You might want to try a
shorter cable. Also, I haven't used the serial interface on the
SmartPro units, but you may need to completely power the UPS down to
reset it if the serial port was used before.

The only kernel support you need is for the usbfs filesystem
(/proc/bus/usb) and for your host controller. Once lsusb can see it,
you should be good.

Other things to check would be whether the host controller recognizes
other USB devices, or if there is a setting in the BIOS for "legacy
device support" (sometimes this confuses the kernel), or even whether
loading ehci_hcd fixes things. (Even if you only plan on using the
UHCI or 12 Mbps part of the USB controller, sometimes there are issues
with the EHCI/UHCI handoff.)

- Charles Lepple

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