[Nut-upsuser] SOHO Serial Solution needed

Tuc at T-B-O-H ml at t-b-o-h.net
Mon Jan 23 18:42:05 UTC 2006

> > 	I'm looking to backup a small network (Hughes DW7000 satellite
> > modem, small consumer grade Internet Broadband router+wireless, Soekris
> > NET4801 single board computer + 4 port lan card, Cisco 2900 switch)
> > and want a small form factor (This is sitting on a small shelf) and
> > light.
> Without digging too deep into this, you would surely get more useful
> answers if you can give an estimate for the maximum size that would fit
> your needs, power demands, backup time needed, the amount of $$$ you're
> prepared to spend on it, etc.
	As for size, I'm not near the equipment right now (Its a 9
hour drive away, will be end of this week beginning of next) but the
regular power strip that I have there is about 6 inches wide, the
shelf is 12 inches long, and I have about 12 inches of height available.
As for power demands, I was hoping from a general overview of what I
was putting on it (See above) that someone could "ballpark" it. I know
it wouldn't be perfect, but thats fine. As for the backup time, I
only need about 5 minutes... Enough for the Soekris to get the signal,
send an email out to me at another location saying the house lost 
power, and then do a fairly proper shutdown (FreeBSD). As for $$, I
hoped not more than $150 or so.
> > 	The main thing I'm running into is that it *HAS* to be serial.
> > (The Soekris only has 1 USB port and I plan on using a 4G memory stick
> > and don't want it via a hub). I'm having a really hard time finding one
> > that seems to fit the bill, and then to know what serial cable to get
> > and then know someone has used it with NUT.
> If you've found something yourself already,
	The only company I've really ever dealt with was APC, and it seems
like the Back UPS CS 500.
> if the device is mentioned in
> the list of supported UPSes, 
	I don't know. Its not specifically listed, but it might be via one
of the cables mentioned. The problem I'm trying to resolve is that on any
documentation from the web I can find for the unit they NEVER mention the
serial cables.
> it most likely will work. Most of the time if
> a special cable is needed, it will either be provided with the UPS and/or
> instructions on how to make it are given.
	Thanks, Tuc

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