[Nut-upsuser] USB UPS and FreeBSD

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at gsoft.com.au
Mon May 22 08:13:28 UTC 2006

I am looking at the newhid driver for this Pulsar EXtreme here but it gives 
odd results, for example there is no status variable :)

debug level is '2'
Checking device (0463/FFFF) (/dev/usb0//dev/ugen0)
- VendorID: 0463
- ProductID: ffff
- Manufacturer: unknown
- Product: unknown
- Serial Number: unknown
- Bus: /dev/usb0
Trying to match device
Device matches
HID descriptor retrieved (Reportlen = 1535)
Report descriptor retrieved (Reportlen = 1535)
Found HID device
Network UPS Tools: New USB/HID UPS driver 0.28 (2.0.3)

Report Descriptor size = 1535
Detected a UPS: unknown/unknown
Using subdriver: MGE HID 0.8
Path: UPS.PowerSummary.PowerSummaryID, Type: Feature, Value: 1.000000
Path: UPS.PowerSummary.FlowID, Type: Feature, Value: 4.000000
Can't retrieve Report 52 (-5/5): Input/output error
Path: UPS.PowerSummary.RemainingCapacityLimitSetting, Type: Feature
Path: UPS.PowerSummary.Rechargeable, Type: Feature, Value: 1.000000
Path: UPS.PowerSummary.CapacityMode, Type: Feature, Value: 2.000000

I get quite a number of IO errors - it seems these come from libusb but I am 
not sure under what circumstances it returns it.

This is a 6.0 machine running NUT 2.0.3 - has anyone been able to connect to a 
USB UPS with FreeBSD?


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