[Nut-upsuser] Nut issue or MGE issue?

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at gsoft.com.au
Tue May 23 21:59:48 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 24 May 2006 06:15, Scott Tuc Ellentuch at T-B-O-H wrote:
>         I plugged a single lamp into it, with a 60W bulb.
>         At 3:40p I pulled the power. This is a sample of some readings I
> took since then :
>         It seems to have discharged pretty rapidly for only carrying a
> 60W bulb. The other issue is that at the current time its 4:44, and the
> power is STILL ON TO THE LAMP! Why has it been saying for 34 minutes that
> there is 0% battery available, but yet powering a load. And why if there is
> a bulb, which should be a fairly good constant (Though I have seen the
> bulb change intensity ever so little since its been on battery), is the
> load number changing?

The measured load is varying.. If it truly is only a 60W globe then I would 
say the UPS is broken.

>         Please let me know if I might have a defective unit, if there is
> some way to "calibrate it" or if I am not doing the testing/monitoring
> properly.

You may be able to do a battery test, try..
upscmd -l myups at localhost

and see if there is a battery test you can do, I get..
kiruna:~>upscmd -l hid at localhost
Instant commands supported on UPS [hid at localhost]:

test.battery.start.quick - Unavailable
test.battery.start.deep - Unavailable
test.battery.stop - Stop the battery test
load.off - Turn off the load immediately
load.on - Turn on the load immediately

(I think the "Unavailable" means the description is unknown, not that the test 
is unavailable.

> 	(At the same time upslog wasn't any help:
> 20060523 153139 NA NA NA [NA] NA NA

Looks like you may have specifed the UPS to upslog incorrectly or upsd isn't 

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